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Communique at the 2010 Convention in Atlanta.

  ConcernedNigerians, a group of Nigerians and lovers of Nigeria with membership across the world, including Nigeria, who are concerned about the state of our Nation and the effects of corruption on our development, had a conference in Atlanta, Georgia on October 16th, 2010, and these are our resolutions:

  • Ensure that the free and fair elections promised by the Nigerian government for 2011 become a reality.
  • We appeal to all Nigerians including religious leaders, labour organizations, students, market women, artisans, professionals, and all youths and elderly citizens of Nigeria who are eligible to vote across the nation are implored to:
    1. Register to vote;
    2. Support all legal activities that will ensure free and fair elections;
    3. Vote their conscience;
    4. Ensure that their votes count.
  • Section 129 of 2010 amended copy of the 2006 Electoral Act (Section 136 of the 2006 Electoral Act) which prohibits the presence of anyone within 300 metres of polling booths for any reason other than voting should be amended specifically to recognize eye witnesses and to allow the evidence collected and presented by such eye witnesses be tenable and admissible in any court of law and in any Election Appeal Tribunal.
  • The use of cameras, recording devices and other evidence collecting technologies should be allowed at the polling booths.
  • We appeal to all Nigerians, old and young, strong and frail across all walks of life to visit to join us in support of our efforts and to feed us back.

  • Please click on the following: Free and Fair Elections in Nigeria in 2011 and Beyond - The Ways Forward to read or download an open letter delivered at NUJ event in Osogbo on November 22, 2010.