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Fellow Nigerians and Lovers of Nigeria,

ConcernedNigerians is a non-profit politically oriented, but non-partisan, pressure group that came to being in summer 2003 as an innovation of one of the members who felt that the power of technology and internet communications could be tapped into as formidable weapons in fighting corruption and social vices in Nigeria.

This innovative idea was discussed by the member with the like minded colleagues who saw the idea as a way forward and something that could be used in liberating millions of Nigerians from bondage of poverty and mismanagement.

The association membership is growing everyday around the globe, and we strongly believe in the power of cohesive multitude. We see the abundant manpower that our motherland Nigeria is endowed with by the Almighty God as grossly underutilized resources that should have been optimally put into use by our country's administrators to the benefit of all. It is our effort to use the power of technology in bringing together these intelligent and excellently minded Nigerians across the globe to forming a united and formidable force against corruption and other social vices in Nigeria. We believe that the main obstacle that keeps Nigeria from developing as a nation is gross mismanagement of the economy as a result of corruption across all walks of life. The best therapy for any disease is to remove the identifiable cause and not just symptomatic treatment. Our main problem is corruption, and the lasting solution is to defeat corruption at all levels in Nigeria.

Please join us in our struggle against corruption that is destroying the lives of millions of our loved ones in Nigeria. Aluta continua, victoria acerta!