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Blessings to generous Givers

First and foremost, our appreciation goes to the Almighty God for giving us enough courage and resources to challenging the heinous act of corruption and its perpetrators in Nigeria.

Surely, we know that what we just declared is nothing but a war against an established and powerful institution. And just like any other war, there may be victor(s) and the vanquished at the end of it all, as there may be some casualties here and there. Our prayer to the Creator and the Protector is to be our Shield against these organized enemies of humanity. We pray to Him to make us the victors, and not the vanquished, without having any casualty on our side. This is because who ever is with God is surely the majority. God stays with the defenseless and the righteous against the unrighteousness and injustice no matter how powerful the devils and their agents may be.

This web project and our struggle would surely remain an unrealized dream without the supports of various members across the world that support the movement in one form or the other. This web site is a product of a member who volunteered weeks of his busy time towards its design and development. The member was a complete web design novice prior to this project, but with supports and constructive criticisms of various members, the site serves the desired purpose. If you notice some inadequacies here and there about the site, please understand that we are here to improve and your criticisms and contributions will surely make a difference. You may send your comments to the moderator at

The designer of this site would have had difficult time if not for some known and unknown contributors whose world wide web resources were tapped into for making this site as presentable as possible. The followings are some of the numerous resources utilized:,,, Howard Dean campaign web site, and a host of others.

You would not be able to read this page without the help of the D-Net Communications that hosts this site as a generous contribution from one of our members, Engineer Dele Olawale, who happens to be the chairman of the company. We also thank Mr. John Paul Marston and a host of others for their technical and other supports.

We have every reason to thank all of you for your various supports and criticisms. Together we can surely make a difference by putting smiles back on the faces of the otherwise agonized and impoverished Nigerians.

Please send your concerns and comments to us at the address above or email us at

You may also contact us by fax at 1-678-580-1528.

Thanks very much for your supports.

'Niyi Adebisi - Moderator.