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ConcernedNigerians is a non-governmental and non-profit association whose members are committed to combating corruption and other social vices in Nigeria. We base our reported information on the resources available to us from various sources.

We make efforts to ensuring that what ever we report is as objective as possible with no special preference for any one based on ethnicity, partisan orientation or association, place of origin, personal interest, or any other bias that may prejudice our report against the reported or accused individual(s) or group(s).

Our association, though politically oriented, has no party affiliation whatsoever. We welcome anyone from any party or any part of the world that shares our goal of eradicating corruption and its effects in Nigeria.

Because we gather our information from various sources, without having privilege to confirming or refuting the supplied or acquired information, we caution all our readers to recheck any information posted at this site and let us know if anything is provably inaccurate. As mentioned earlier on, we strive to make sure that whatever we report is as authoritative as possible, though within human error. We may not always have concrete evidence to supporting our reports, we always make sure that we have more than enough circumstantial evidence in support of any allegation reported by us.

Our articles are submitted and reported from various authors and sources, and because it is practically humanly impossible to confirming all information contained in all submitted and published articles, we dissociate ourselves, both jointly as an association and individually as members of the association, from any implication, consequence, damage or any other form of inconvenience that the published articles or information by us may have on the concerned party or parties, either as individual or as a group. It is the responsibility of the author of any published or submitted articles, comments or information to ensure that the contents of such information are absolutely true without any reasonable doubt. If any published information is just an allegation, we will explicitly state as such for the accused to have enough opportunity and time to refute such allegation.

Our association is not a court of law, we can only level allegation against any alleged culprit(s) until such an individual or group is proved guilty in a court of law. In view of this, any reported accusation or information about corruption or other social vices linked with any individual or group by our association or its members or agents, either directly or indirectly, should be treated as nothing other than allegation until such accusation is proved to be true against the accused individual(s) or group(s) by virtue of a guilty verdict by a court of law. Any of our reports that may convey any impression contrary to this clause should be disregarded as a mere error, and should be brought to our attention in writing for immediate correction. We promise to make such correction within one week after reciving such written notification. We relieve ourselves, our agents and our association members and sponsors from any liability or liabilities [or litigation(s)] that may result from any form of consequence(s) or inconvenience(s) that such error(s) may cause or may have caused the accused or concerned individual(s) or group(s). Once again, we will correct any such proven error within one week such error is brought to our attention in writing.