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Secret of Industrialization?

Industrialization and technological development, just like most of the other national developments, are usually the byproducts of optimal management of human resources.

Any nation that fails to develop and utilize the human resources, the backbone of national development, will not only be backward in terms of industrialization and technological advancement, but will surely be condemned to perpetual poverty irrespective of how numerous other resources might be.

Nigeria governments, by and large, have consistently failed to develop the abundantly available human resources, the most important key to national industrialization and advancement, by grossly under-funding or failing to fund national educational system, and by failing to encourage and support innovative and inventive ideas conceived by intelligent Nigerians whenever such ideas are communicated to the appropriate government agent for action. These costly acts of omission and commission are engaged by Nigerian leaders on regular basis either because they lack foresight to realizing the benefits of adequate management of human resources, or they simply fail to discharge their responsibilities because the money that these responsibilities demand has either been earmarked by them for embezzlement or has been embezzled. Most university graduates within the last eighteen years (1985 to 2003) spent extra two to five years as students at various colleges and universities across Nigeria without failing a single course or repeating a single class just because of incessant clamp downs on educational system by the inept leaders.

The average Nigerians however, who are naturally hardworking and resourceful components of the Nigeria human resources, invariably strive to develop themselves individually by paying for costly educations out of their pockets without waiting for the failed leaders. This aggressive determination of an average Nigerian accounts for the current literacy rate of about 60% in Nigeria, with little and inconsistent efforts from the government.

The unfortunate thing however, is that most of these self developed national human resources decide to "export" themselves to perceived greener pastures, where they feel they may be able to better their lives and the lives of those that care for them because of perpetual feelings of being neglected and uncared for by the government of their motherland. This self exportation, which is usually best classified as a form of economic self-exile, is usually at an extreme financial cost to the exporter, who usually happens to be the exported good and a developed aspect of Nigeria human resources, and significant loss to the motherland where such individual originated from. It is clear that this "exported good" will eventually become a productive component of the human resources of the host country that eventually provides "a trusted home" for the individual, albeit after significant period of slavery in the receiving host country. This is what is given a fancy name  brain drain!

Believe me or not, if you are reading this page anywhere outside the shores of Nigeria and you were born a Nigerian, you are most likely to be a drained brain!

There are hundreds of thousands of drained brains of Nigeria like you and me around the globe. We are, of course, best described as Nigerian human resources in Diaspora that the Nigeria governments have not been wise enough to tapping into. By virtue of this serious omission by our failed leaders, we continue to develop other nations  leaving our motherland backward. This is, of course, not the fault of common Nigerians like you and I, it is obviously the fault of the inept leaders that have failed us consistently because of their corrupt minds and selfishness.

We, ConcernedNigerians, believe that since we did not allow the ineptitude of our failed leaders to deprive us our personal developments as important components of human resources of the community we individually inhabit currently, we still have significant roles to play in reversing the evils committed by these devils. There are hundreds of thousands of us out there contributing effectively, in one form or the other, to the industrialization of our host countries. We can repatriate some of these contributions and ideas to Nigeria as a way of compensating for our forced self-human-exportation even if we are not comfortable or confident enough to trust the current Nigeria system for us to relocate back to Nigeria.

ConcernedNigerians and its members, who are professionals and non-professionals across all walks of life, will continue our commitments in developing and encouraging the development of human resources in Nigeria since this is the key to successful national industrialization. Our members who function in key positions in industrial nations will continue to use their positions to lobby for extension of such industries to Nigeria in forms of branches, manufacturing or assembly plants. Our members and association will continue to assist Nigeria youths by means of providing useful resources pertaining to career development, professional counseling, role modeling, employment opportunity information, technological advancement and so on.