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Corruption is the biggest problem that is preventing Nigeria from developing as a nation. This is a well known knowledge to everyone both locally and globally. The problem is that no one or group has been able to come up with a lasting solution to eradicate this and other connected social vices in Nigeria.

Many human right bodies and associations have established various organizations and strategies to combating this cancerous enigmatic social debacle with little or no effect. Even the current Nigeria democratic administration also seemly demonstrated interest in joining the war against this monstrous social vice by forming various national anti-corruption bodies, but the complexity of the characters involved in the act of corruption has maken these demonstrated efforts practically unproductive.

It has even come to a point that many, otherwise principled and God fearing people in Nigeria, have "rescind to fate" by believing that nothing can be done by any mortal to effecting changes. More disheartening, many otherwise highly respected and holy people, who happen to be forced to function in this corrupt system, either by virtue of their professions, commitment or other reasons, are now living and verbalizing the attitude of "if you can not beat them, join them" as a way of keeping their bodies and souls together and keeping out of trouble, albeit against their wishes.

We, the concernednigerians whose some of the members happened to have had opportunity of witnessing one of the most corrupt era in the Nigeria's history from the late 1980s to the early 1990s and one of the most accountable, though unpopular, era in the history of Nigeria in the mid 1980s, strongly believe that changing the orientation of Nigerians as a people will not only significantly reduce or eliminate corruption and its effects in Nigeria, but will also make Nigeria a very hostile environment for corruption and its agents to thrive.

By defeating or eliminating corruption in Nigeria as our primary mission,we believe that our other missions, which include eradication of abject poverty, unemployment, industrial and technological backwardness, infrastructural impoverishment, lack of potable water, unreliable electric power supply, unreliable educational system, poor and deploring health system and lack of social and life security, will surely become very easy tasks for anyone or any group to handle. Please, see our strategies for details of how we plan to eradicate corruption.

Please, join the ConcernedNigerians in our grassroots' campaign and war against corruption and its engendered impoverishment in Nigeria.

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