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We reserve this position for lovers of Nigerians and Nigeria around the world who are interested in seeing Nigerians liberated from the lethal grips of the corruption and other social vices in Nigeria but are unable to become our regular members.

There are many ways you can be of help to us. You may choose to support us financially, morally and physically or in combinations. By being our patron(ness), we will like to look up to you for advice on important issues that may require opinions of people of your caliber. We may also call upon you to deliver lectures, at your convenience, on important issue(s) related to Nigeria and the course we stand for. Your sacrifice, in form of time, money or otherwise will be highly recognized. We may choose to recognize your contributions towards the betterment of the lives of poor Nigerians inform of presentation of recognition award(s) as we may judge necessary.

We assume that you understand that we only appreciate patronization of individual(s) or
group(s) who neither knowingly collaborated himself/herself or themselves with Nigeria corrupt leaders or their associates or agents against Nigeria by means of aiding and abetting corruption in Nigeria, nor benefited from any of the corrupt Nigeria leaders committed crimes against the interests of the common Nigerians. If you are reading this page, it means you have interest in our course, having no involvement in corruption in Nigeria thus qualifies you as a right candidate to be our patron(ess).

You do not have to be a Nigerian in order to qualify for being our Patron(ness). The only required criteria are for you to have interest in supporting our course in liberating Nigerians from the effects of corruption and that you have no link with Nigeria corruption.

We once again welcome your interest in supporting us.

If you have any problem registering online, please feel free to print out this form, fill it out completely and mail it to us at the above address or you may fax the completed form to 1-678-580-1528. You may also e-mail us with the required information or by e-mailing the completed form as an attachment (scanned or in a PDF format) at

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